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- search engine
- different views of item lists are available
- Supports mySQL
- own session handling - user don't need cookies!
- user don't need Javascript
- works as shop or catalog [with or without wishlist]
- written in PHP4
- simple configuration for design and options in one file; design, colors ...
- possible to add HTML-Code in database to insert images to navigation or create different detail-views
- works in other framesets
- user-handling, md5(passwords)
- multi-language: english, german, dansk, french, dutch, polish, spain, czech and italian
- supports different currencies
- default values can be set with a click
- browser- and OS-independent
- statistics for time and items
- different sort and search options in item admin
- user can set to a usergroup; so it is easy to give discount
- any department and itemgroup can be owned by a usergroup; so not any user gets any product ;-)
- any item in any itemgroup
- any item can have to different properties
- 'similar products' automatic shown
... and more.

For developers

phPayV2.02 under now!

- extract archiv using
-> Winzip or something like that
-> tar xzf archivname.tar.gz
- upload files
- On some systems it is necessary to give full rights on the files phpayv2/,
phpayv2/admin/ and Otherwise an error occurs, because
the webserver can not create this files.
- enter in your browser location
- choose 'database-parameters' and give the required informations to write
That page also creates database and tables, otherwise use SQL-script from doc-directory.
- choose 'configuration' to write for your shop
(two *.orig-configfiles come with archiv to edit them if admin not(!) works)
- insert your items, users ...

Attention: You should protect admin directory with something like .htaccess.

- code_pw.php: to change root and demo passwords.
- standard-pictures for original-design

phPay - References
Shops listed below must not be the same as the actual downloadable version.
They can be recoded or older version, but all have phPay as root.

Development enviroment
- RedHat Linux 7.1
- Apache 1.3.19
- mySQL 3.23.36
- PHP 4.04pl and 4.06

phPay is under GPL - General Public License.

Thanks for every comment about this project.
Feel free to send wishes, own edits or what else.